Monday, October 15, 2007


hey guys am creating this page to talk, discuss about defence technology to the core..
abt weapons, military machines, and ofcourse the men behind those advanced systems..

i wud lik to see indepth discussion on military technologies and weapon systems..

this is for al those who r much interested into military systems, weapon systems and also for those who wud lik to stay update wit all major defence news around the world...

Come lets get started..!!


Vishal said...

well one more missile getting added to Iran side ......first it was supersonic underwater rocket a ballistic missile....Iran is sure to give a stong stand to other countries specially USA

Aero-Abishek said...

ya buddy ..
i wonder such a small country making sophisticated weapons n systems..

And they dare the USA wit no signs of fear..!!

Do u agree tat India is on its own way to Indegenous weaponization??