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With a 675 kg modular dispensing warhead, MSOV is capable of deploying numerous sub-munitions, including dual purpose sub-munitions with IMI’s unique self-destruct fuze, combined effect bomblets, anti-runway penetrating sub-munitions and other unique superior sub-munitions.
The all weather, day and night MSOV features an accuracy-assuring GPS/INS navigation and guidance system. State-of-the-art avionics enables on-the-ground or in-flight program loading for an autonomous glide profile, optimal direction of approach and target attack.
MSOV has a maximum range of about 100 km. Its unique design, folding wings, 30-inch suspension lugs, and powerful, flexible capabilities make it compatible with the strike mission needs of fighter A/C such as F16s, F-4s, F-15s and others.

Total weigh
1050 Kg
Payload /Warhead
675 kg
3.97 m
Max Range
100 Km


The Corner Shot is the ultimate solution for dealing with the deadly threats that lurk "around the corner" in a variety of tactical situations encountered by military and law enforcement personnel, anti-terror units and SWAT teams operating in open or built-up areas, inside buildings, rooms and enclosed spaces, and especially in forced entry situations.
The Corner Shot has already been acquired by police and special forces units around the world.
The key to Corner Shot is the swing-hinge front section of the system, a state-of-the-art device that houses the handgun and a compact detachable color video camera. The unique lateral (both left and right) swinging mechanism enables the user to safely sweep, search or engage targets ‘around the corner' with the camera transmitting what it sees directly to a video monitor. Both the video monitor and the remote trigger control for firing the pistol, together with all system operating switches, are fitted to the frame held by the user.

Shooting Around Corners

Conceived and designed by veteran counter-terrorism warfare specialists, the innovative Corner Shot is the outcome of a meticulous and thorough R&D process.
For the very first time, the Corner Shot offers a truly effective, state-of-the-art weapon system that may be deployed with deadly accuracy, at a lateral angle, from "around the corner", from behind a shelter, a cover or a barricade. The unique lateral traversing mechanism will not affect normal firearm performance.

Shooting From Cover

The Corner Shot may be employed to search spaces or engage targets "in the next room" or "down the street", with a high degree of accuracy, from "around the corner" or from a shelter, without exposing the user. It may be used in securing such openings as doors, windows and hatches with maximum effectiveness and minimum risk.
The Corner Shot adapts to fit most automatic handguns currently in use.

Built-in Features
Detachable, quick connecting color video camera
Color video monitor with visible fixed crosshairs
Monitor hood and sleeve
Video out socket
Tactical light source and beam shaper
Quick-change battery housing
Upper universal accessory rail
Folding stock
Dust-tight and protected against water jets
Complete with tactical soft carry case, user's manual and a set of maintenance and cleaning tools
Optional Accessories
Various camera and lens options (fisheye, low light, auto focus and others)
Video color monitor with electronic crosshairs adjuster and power level indicator
Visible and IR laser designator
Video transceiver and portable monitor kit in various frequencies and ranges
Quick change, rechargeable battery pack and charger
IR filter for tactical light
Detachable, collapsible bipod
Special purpose stock
Sharpshooters stock
Matching tactical vest and soft attachable carry case
Sturdy, waterproof carry case
Optional Weapon Accessories
Flash suppressor
Paintball kit
Red dot sight

Corner Shot 40™'Around the Corner ' 40mm Personal Grenade Launcher

The new Corner Shot 40™ is an 'Around the Corner' 40mm Personal Grenade Launcher (PGL) based on the outstanding features and capabilities of the original Corner Shot™ system. The new model offers the increased firepower extended range, and enhanced cover fire of a 40mm launcher. This system is also available to police and other law enforcement agencies in 37mm.
The Corner Shot 40™ personal grenade launcher system includes a small, high-resolution video camera and monitor, through which the operator can view targets located 'around the corner' in real time. The video camera enables the operator to scan the area 'around the corner' or 'in the next building' prior to pinpointing and engaging the targets therein. Alternately, the video image may be transmitted to other elements or up linked to a rear area command post or central command.

Corner Shot Panzerfaust

Dynamit Nobel Defence of Germany and Corner Shot of Israel have combined their talents to create the Corner Shot Panzerfaust (CSP) tactical system. The system addresses the problems of threats that "lurk around corners", especially in urban warfare scenarios. CSP is a portable, easily operated and accurate weapon system that has a purpose-built collapsible monopod and sighting system to literally shoot around corners. It allows the firer to remain behind cover and can even be used for surveillance. Based on the RGW-60 recoilless grenade weapon, CSP is a disposable system that can be armed with two types of shaped-charge warhead - HET and HEAT-Mp - to engage armoured vehicles, and the squash-head HESH round for structures and light vehicles.

Harpy ---- UAV

HARPY is a lethal UAV designed to detect, attack and destroy radar emitters.
Harpy is a "Fire-and-Forget" all-weather, day/night autonomous weapon system, launched from a ground vehicle behind the battle zone or from ship based launchers.
HARPY effectively suppresses hostile SAM and radar sites for long duration, by detecting, attacking and destroying radar targets with a very high hit accuracy.
HARPY provides the most effective solution to the hostile radar problem, at the lowest price. HARPY is in production, is already operational with several nations Air Forces, and is currently available.
Weighs 135 kg, 2.1 meter long, 2.7 meter span and with range of 500 km. It is sealed in its sealed launcher/container, to endure harsh battlefield conditions. It can be fueled or defueled in the launcher, therefore retaining its readiness at all time. The system uses periodical built-in test to maintain full readiness.

The Harpy mission is planned and programmed in the battery ground control center, as an independent mission, or planned in accordance with other manned or unmanned systems. The drone flies autonomously enroute to its patrol area its radar seeker head constantly search for hostile radars. Once suspicious radar is acquired, Harpy compares the signal to the library of hostile emitters, and prioritizes the threat. If the target is verified, the drone enters an attack mode, as it transitions into a near vertical dive, homing on the signal. The drone is set to detonate its warhead just above the target, to generate the highest damage to the antennae, and surrounding facilities. If the radar is turned off before Harpy strikes, the drone can abort the attack and continue loitering. If no radar was spotted during the mission, the drone is programmed to self destruct over a designated area. Follow-on systems which are already proposed to foreign clients, are calling for a combination of seeker and killer drones that will enable visual identification and attack of targets even after they turn off their emitters.

Harpy Delivered to Turkey

In a deal dating back to 1999, the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) have taken delivery of a number on Harpy lethal unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) from Israel Aircraft Industries Ltd. (IAI). The exact number is unknown, but reports suggest that more than 100 lethal UAVs were delivered.
IAI's MBT Division develop and produce the Harpy system, which is an attack UAV used in the suppression of enemy aerial defences (SEAD) role. It is a ‘Fire-and-Forget' all-weather, day/night autonomous weapon system, launched from a ground vehicle mainly against hostile radar emitters, amongst others.
In June 1999 MBT and Raytheon Missile Systems teamed to market the more advanced Combat UAV Target Locate and Strike System (CUTLASS), based on the proven Harpy's UAV type airframe.
Harpy is currently operational with several Air Forces globally.

Harpy Delivered to India

According to media reports, the Indian army has purchased a number of the armed Harpy drone, produced by Israel Aircraft Industries.

Do u agree tat India is on its own way to Indegenous weaponization??